Building on Success – 2012 AUB Elections

The Candidates:

FAS Graduate:

  • Jeremy Arbid (USFC)
  • Tarek El Assaad
  • Hadla Hariri
  • Ghenwa El Jurdi

FHS Graduate:

  • Emily Field  (USFC) 

FEA Undergraduate:

  • Louai Kaakani    ARCH.1/USFC
  • Mohammad Awada    E4/USFC

FAFS Undergraduate:

  • Rami Salam  (Junior)

FAS Undergraduate:

  • Tala Mukaddem (Senior –USFC)
  • Nizar Hassan      (Junior -USFC)

Graduate Platform

FAS Undergraduate Platform

FEA Undergraduate Platform

FAFS Undergraduate Platform

  1. joey1917 says:

    Into shouyou3iyeh walla ishtirakiyeh? Shou ma3neha haydeh nejmitkon el 7amra?

  2. Rico says:

    How is your relationship with the Communist Party? Why dont you just unify the efforts?

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