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Letter to the Editor:

Although we understand that there are far more pressing matters to talk about, i.e. Gaza, at this current time, it behooves us to address the faults in an Arabic article in the elections edition of Outlook that was released on election day. We are No Frontiers (NF) and we feel obliged to clarify a mistake made by Outlook in its coverage.

In the elections edition of Outlook, an Arabic article was printed that said NF has external ties. This is simply not true. We wish to clearly state that No Frontiers is completely free from any external influences. We take this accusation seriously because in NF we make it a point to keep ourselves independent from all outside forces. Since 1997, No Frontiers has been an independent group comprised solely of students and we, current members, make it a point to perpetuate that principle. Members that graduate from AUB are no longer active members and no longer have voting rights. Actions undertaken by the group are completely devoid of any external political affiliation and in an effort to maintain a democratic structure, there is no hierarchy within the group and any decision taken by the group is voted on by the active members.

When we noticed the article stated that we had external ties, we felt a reply was necessary. On what basis this accusation was made, we are unaware, especially since two of our members, Mark Francis and Talal Naboulsi, were told by an Outlook staff writer that when said staff writer had asked other politicized groups if there were any true independents running for elections, they all mentioned No Frontiers and only No Frontiers. For some reason, this was not mentioned at all in the Arabic article.

If the accusation was based on the fact that we printed a newspaper and that printing newspapers costs money, then why weren’t we asked how we came up with the funds to print the newspapers? We would have gladly let it be known in the interview that No Frontiers had agreed with the printing press to pay off the amount due for the newspapers in installations, but we were never asked.

No Frontiers has a long history of independent activism dating back since its inception and has many achievements in these past 15 years, all for the benefit of the AUB student body. For all these reasons we are proud to say that we are members of No Frontiers and eager to continue contributing to its rich history during this academic year. We humbly ask that Outlook respects our right of response and publishes this letter to the editor in the coming edition.

–        No Frontiers

*Sent to the Outlook email mailbox on November 16, 2012.


**Outlook’s decision to publish our letter is still pending approval from the Outlook Editor-in-Chief as well as discretionary approval from the Dean of Student Affairs, Talal Nizameddin. An errata clarifying what is referred to as “external ties” will be published in the forthcoming Outlook.

Outlook bylaws: Article V – Editorial Standards

“Outlook shall maintain a non-political and non-sectarian editorial policy stance. Its editorial policy shall further be guided by a commitment to impartial, fair and accurate reporting; a respect for the opinions of others; the publication of diverse views; and a reasonable right of reply.


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