Eligibility :

Students registered at the American University of Beirut who agree with the Group’s statement of principles and are not affiliated with other political organizations present on campus are eligible to be members.
Registered AUB students and former Group members who support the Group’s policies and activities are eligible to be associate members. Associate members do not have voting rights; they can participate in the Group’s meetings and activities and are given access to its discussion group.

Dues :

Monthly dues for members are set to 5000LBP, that can be paid on a yearly basis (60000LBP).Members should fulfill their payment before the 5th of each month (except for new comers).

Members’ Rights:

  1. Members agree or refuse the yearly plan proposed, after discussion in the group, by the Administrative Committee, with a simple majority (1/2 + 1).
  2. Members give their feedback to the Committees and can vote on critical issues.
  3. 1/5 of the members can call for a meeting regardless of the schedule set by the Administrative Committee.
  4. Members can ask for the re-election of any committee by simple majority (1/2 + 1).
  5. Members can change the bylaws of the group by 2/3 of the active voting members present in a formal legitimate meeting (where chorum is reached).
  6. During the meeting, any comrade causing chaos, disrespecting turns, will get three warnings by the chairperson, who can then open the floor for expelling him. If 1/3 of the votes is in favor the member would be expelled.
  7. When a member is nominated for a committee s/he has to introduce her/himself and the members can interrogate her/him.
  8. With the exception of the Syndic Committee a member cannot be in two committees simultaneously.

Voting Members :

Voting members are the members who:

  • Paid their dues
  • Attended one of the last two NF meetings
  • Attended one of the last three cultural meetings

Admission :

Students interested in joining the Group must participate in at least two activities undertaken by the Group and get the support of two members or associate members.

1. The name of the potential member is proposed by any member to the Administrative Committee.

2. The Administrative Committee will meet with her/him or send a delegate to give an overview about the group and to know the potential member better.

3. The Administrative Committee will propose the name to the group.

4. Votes to grant membership or associate membership status require the approval of a 2/3 majority of the present voting members.

Loss of membership :

Members and associate members deemed to have worked against the interest of the Group may be banned by a two-thirds majority of the Group membership. The concerned individuals must be given the opportunity to defend themselves in at least one meeting held specifically for that purpose.


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