Internal Committee (IC)

IC is composed of three members: Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairperson.
The life-time of the IC is one whole year.
IC is elected after the student VP elections.
The Treasurer is a member of the Administrative Committee.
The committee’s main task is to coordinate among members of the group.

  • The Secretary :
  1. Takes meetings’ minutes and sorts them in the archive.
  2. Must call for meetings but cannot set meetings by him/herself.
  3. Must be always ready to resolve conflicts in the group having to do with previous meetings decisions.
  4. Must take care of the communication issues such as the mailing group.
  • The Treasurercollects contributions from members and must suggest fund raising projects to the Administrative Committee.
  • The Chairpersonbegins, directs and ends the meetings, and gives turns to the members. If he/she wants to get be actively part of the discussion, he/she will have to assign someone to direct the meeting at his/her place.

Any crucial document should be made available to the whole committee.


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