Administrative Committee (AC)

AC is composed of 5 voting members, and one ex-officio.

The life-time of the AC is one whole year.

AC is formed/elected after the student VP elections.

To be a members of the AC one should have spent more than one year in No Frontiers.

No member is allowed to run for the elections of the AC two consecutive times.


– Two members from the PC.

– One elected member from the CC.

– One elected member from the SC.

– One Ex-officio from the previous AC that should transfer his experience to the new AC but is not allowed to vote.


1. To coordinate among all committees.

2. To organize the yearly and occasional schedules, based on the subjects and projects lists of all committees.

3. To prepare a yearly plan to be voted upon in the group that covers all aspects of the groups work: Political, cultural, student-oriented, internal, and recruitment. This plan is written based on the following:

a. The previous AC advises.

b. The groups feedback and brain-storming.

c. The yearly plan of all committees.

d. The AC opinion.

4. To ensure the execution of the yearly plan by all committees and members.

5. To prepare a written report every month that contains a summary of the month group work in all its aspects. The group may thus evaluate the committee each month, and may vote for the re-elections of any committee.

6. To prepare a yearly report of the group work on the yearly evaluation at the end of its life-time.

7. During the student elections, the AC will take the role of an electoral committee and will manage and direct the group according to the group’s guidelines until VP elections.


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