No Frontier’s Election Boycott Declaration

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Uncategorized


Dear AUB Community,

The current members of No Frontiers have democratically decided to boycott this year’s student elections at AUB. This is not coming from a position of apathy, but rather from the all too familiar knowledge and experience that working within the formal parameters set forth by the administration simply does not work in improving the real lives of our students.

The system of student governance is not a true representation of democracy and is in fact a tool of the administration’s to sedate the student voice. The dean of student affairs openly allows the participation of non-elected student political party members in his own decisions on how student elections will take place each year – note: the past 2 election cycles have been totally illegal in every aspect of the matter.

Of course, all of these revelations are widely known and have proven time and again to allow students to make a mockery of democracy. The administration exploits and counts on the external tensions of the greater Lebanese political sphere to nullify any possible real space of student cohesion. We now realize that to ignore this delusional reality we are merely puppets dancing from the administration’s strings. We deserve better, this is not the only way, and we must now insist on a new discourse that is on our terms as students.

In Solidarity


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