Who we are :

Posted: August 13, 2012 in About

No Frontiers is a progressive leftist student organization that has no links to any political party. Since its establishment at the American University of Beirut in 1997, No Frontiers has embraced an active role concerning human rights and social justice through its engagement in the political, social, and cultural life at the university.

Members of No Frontiers are engaged on the political level, committed to activism through the Student Representative Committees and its associated clubs. No Frontiers engages students through the organization of cultural meetings and promotes student involvement throughout different cultural venues at the university. At the same time, No Frontiers advocates student activism and engagement in society.

No Frontiers believes in the capacity of individuals and collectives, organized democratically, to bring about social change, towards a humanitarian socialism. Basic principles and spaces of grassroots activism include:

  • human rights
  • social and gender equality
  • civil and sexual liberties
  • environmental awareness
  • sustainable development
  • secularism
  • internationalism
  • anti-war movements
  • alter-globalization struggles

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